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Sakosta Holding.
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The Range of Services of Sakosta Holding

Here you can find our services in alphabetical order.

Approval Procedure

Assistance In Assignment

Approval For Testing Pharmaceuticals As Contract Work

All-Inclusive Price Of Site Remediation And Demolition Works

Asbestos Survey

Advising On Real Estate Transactions

Akquirement Of Equity / Loan Capital

Commercial Property Analysis

Clarification Of Classification Problems (e.g. Pharmaceuticals vs. Food)

Chemical Analysis In Accordance With §35 Foodstuffs And Commodities Act

Chemical Analysis In Accordance With Pharmacopeia

Chemical Analysis In Accordance With DIN

Company-Law Structuring

Certification Of Specialised Disposal Companies

Consulting For Specialised Disposal Companies

Chemical Analysis

Evaluation Of Brownfields

Expert Opinion

Evaluation Of Analytical Results

Emission Control - Provision Of External Officers

Emergency Response Planning

Examination Of Supply And Service Contracts (FM)

Environmental Analytics

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Property Condition Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Excavation Pit Planning

Environmental Due Diligence

Efficiency Studies

Energy Efficience Refurbishment

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Energy Efficiency Consulting With Government Aid (KfW)

Energy Optimized Building Construction Planning

Facility Management Planning

Facility Management-Assessment

Financing Consulting For Commercial Property

Financing Consulting For Large Moveable Property

FM Services (Tenders)


Fire Damage Investigation

Fire Protection - Provision Of External Officers

Federal Soil Protection Act - Authorized Expert acc. to § 18

Federal Soil Protection Act - Authorized Investigation Center acc. to § 18

Indoor Air Investigations

Inspection of HVAC-Systems

Integrated Managementsystems (IMS, Design and Implementation)

Illumination Planning

Implementation Of Management Systems (UM, Environment, H&S)

Investigation Of Contaminated Sites

Indoor Air Pollutant Measurements (e.g. Fogging, Sick, Building Syndrome)

Inspection Of Structural Damages

Illumination Concepts

Photovoltaic Feasibility Studies

Property Screening

Property Potential Analysis

Property Condition Assessment

Product Analytics

Projekt Management

Projekt Control

Process Optimization

Project Management

Property And Facility Management Concepts

Renewable Energies

Risk Analysis

Remediation Planning

Remediation Of Building Pollutants (Supervision)

Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation (Planning and Supervision)

Supplementary Offer Vetting

Selection Of Ecological Building Materials

Safety And Health Protection Coordination

Solar Energy Systems: Financing Models

Surveillance Of Sustainability Standards (DGNB, LEED)

Surveying Work

Selective Demolition

Subsoil Investigation

Supervision Of Works

Site Preparation

Structural Damage Investigation

Structural Preservation Of Evidence

Supervision Of Works

Shareholding And Fund Financing (Consulting)

Supervision Of Remedial Works

Soil Sampling

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