Sakosta Holding.
Everything from a single source.

Sakosta Holding.
Alles aus einer Hand.

Sakosta Holding Philosophy

It is our philosophy to join potentially conflicting aspects - quality, safety and profitability – in a unique way, which leads to sustainable and distinct satisfaction for all stakeholders in our projects and partnerships. Our approach is based on the following principles and factors of success:

Company Principles

  • We value long-term and prosperous partnerships over short-term profit.
  • We serve our clients with highly flexible timing and solutions.
  • We ensure one single point-of-contact for every client whenever possible.
  • We are focussed on finding solutions and optimizing costs.
  • Our employees understand our clients’ expectations and goals.
  • Our employees will act and deliver with both diligence and efficiency.
  • We pay careful attention to making the right and timely decisions.  

Our employees act self-responsible. The Company’s leadership principles are based on a culture of reliable partnership and work in teams.

Based on years of experience in real estate partnerships, we are aware that short communication paths and professional relation management are important keys to success.

Many of our clients have relied on the Sakosta Group for over 25 years.
More than 25.000 finalized projects are the visible proof of our powerful philosophy.

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